Local political analyst weighs in on former FBI Director's firing

FBI Director James Comey speaks at Georgetown University in Washington. The Justice Department is at odds with Google and privacy groups over the governmentâ??s push to make it easier to locate and hack into computers in criminal investigations.

Flint, Michigan-- President Trump's Bombshell decision to fire former FBI Director, James Comey sent shock waves across the capitol and even here in Mid-Michigan.

On Wednesday we sat down with Political Analyst and former Mott College Professor Paul Rozycki who shared his opinions about Trump's latest move.

"I think the timing was a bad decision, for some it looks like a cover up into allegations regarding ties to Russia. I am not sure what the truth is, but for people on both sides of the aisle it isn't looking too good," said Rozycki.

Democrats are planning to meet on Wednesday to discuss the firing in greater detail.

" I think their big agenda will be to make sure a prosecutor is selected to continue investigating President Trump's alleged ties to Russia." said Rozycki.

As for a replacement he believes Trump will select someone with bipartisan support and said finding someone could take weeks if not months.

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