More troubles for Flint residents: interior galvanized pipes also need replacement

A new study by Virginia Tech Professor, Marc Edwards, and his research team shows galvanized pipes are also a threat to Flint residents.

The study is found in an article published in the Environmental Science & Technology last week. Edwards states there has been a "destabilization of lead-bearing corrosion rust layers that accumulated over decades" and were found on galvanized iron pipes.

This isn't the first time Flint residents were made aware of the possible dangers and health risks galvanized pipes, often found in the interior of a home, pose.

Water Defense co-founder and actor Mark Ruffalo, along with his Chief Investigating Officer, Scott Smith, first appeared on NBC25 TODAY show in March 2016 claiming galvanized pipes would make it difficult for Flint residents to get healthy drinking water to flow into their homes.

Flint's Water Crisis began when the City changed its water source to the Flint River from the Detroit Water Authority in 2014 in an effort to save money. The decision not to use corrosion inhibitors at that point caused water with high level of lead to flow into Flint homes.

In January 2016, Smith says he along with licensed plumbers from UA Local 370 collected samples from some Flint homes. Two months later they shared their findings with the public and on NBC25.

Edwards had also been keeping a close eye on the possible dangers of galvanized iron pipes. His early findings can be found in this December 2015 article, Some Common Misunderstandings of Flint's lead in Water Problem.

Licensed plumbers, Ben Ranger and Harold Harrington, who have worked closely with Water Defense, say they are happy to learn of Edwards' recent study.

"I know what should be done," says Ranger. "Lets just fix this. They city is about to replace lead service lines in about 6,000 homes. This would be an ideal time to also inspect the galvanized pipes inside the homes," says Ranger.

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