BOX OFFICE BATTLE: "The Boss Baby" surprises; "Ghost in the Shell" underperforms

Mike's Movie Pick

UPDATE (4/3/2017-- 3:00am): THE BOSS BABY WINS!!! Weekend box office estimates show "The Boss Baby" scoring a narrow victory in its opening weekend and dethroning "Beauty and the Beast" which was going for a three-peat. Box Office Mojo reports the 20th Century Fox/DreamWorks animated comedy earned $49 million while Disney's "Beast" pulled in another $47.5 million. Paramount's "Ghost in the Shell" finished third with a disappointing $19 million opening weekend performance.


(3/31/2017): In the world of college hoops, this is Final Four weekend with the NCAA set to crown the 2017 champs of men's and women's basketball. Of course, the teams involved will play 5-on-5, which is the regulated normal. At the movies, another championship is on the line-- the weekly box office crown.

This weekend, we have a 2-on-1 battle. If you just look at the numbers you might think, "that's not fair!" After all, two should be able to handle one with relative ease. Especially since the single player already has two weeks and two titles in hand.

To paraphrase the infamous, but revered Darth Vader, don't underestimate the power of "Beauty and the Beast."

The Disney juggernaut goes for a three-peat at the box office this weekend with newcomers "Ghost in the Shell" and "The Boss Baby" looking to dethrone the current king. It could be a tough task.

Here's Mike's Movie Pick segment for March 31-April 2.

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