Senator Jim Ananich pushes to make Flint a Promise Zone

Flint will receive an annual grant of $972,106 for the next five years from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (Photo Credit: WEYI)

Flint, Mich-- A promising future for the city of Flint if legislation passes to help local students attend college for free.

Senator Jim Ananich says he hopes that Flint will become a Promise Zone. Promise Zones allow communities to raise private dollars to make post secondary education possible for its youth.

Currently there are ten promise zones throughout the state of Michigan. Ananich says Kalamazoo became a promise zone a decade ago and saw major improvements, he's hoping the same could be true for his hometown.

"They've seen graduation rates increase. property values increase and more people are coming back to their community to give back," said Ananich.

Senator Ananich's bill has passed through the senate and is waiting for approval from the House Education Committee.

The legislation would take Flint off of the waiting list and move it up due to the water crisis.

A decision will most likely be made in the fall when summer recess has ended.

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