The House of Esther holds baby bottle change drive

Yvonne Penton, The House of Esther Founder hopes churches and small groups use a baby bottle to help raise money for the non-profit.

The change in your pocket or purse could help a woman change her life.

The House of Esther, Genesee County's only maternity education care center, is kicking off their "Give Change to Make Change" campaign .

The building is in the process of being renovated but is still in need of some tender loving care so they're holding a baby bottle drive to raise money.

"They are pregnant, sometimes homeless. they can live here and continue to go to school, get their degree, graduate and we will help them move into the community," says Yvonne Penton, Founder.

Penton is asking groups to pick up baby bottles the size of small buckets and take to their church, work or small groups then fill them with coins.

Last year, this campaign raised $2,500.

Please call (810) 618-8679 for more information.

To donate CLICK HERE .

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