Bay City iguana stolen and returned for reward... by the thief

"Lizzo the Lizard" is safe at home / Rob Herman

A lizard is safe with his family after being stolen late last week off of his perch on the porch. David Brunell has owned the Lizard, named "Lizzo" for the past six years. When he went inside for a drink and came out on Friday, Lizzo was gone. The meter reader noticed him looking in the trees, and informed him he had seen a teenager walking down the street with the lizard moments before. After two days of searching and hanging fliers featuring a $100 reward with no questions asked, and some police involvement, a visitor arrived and returned Lizzo.

"I took the lizard and gave him money and he asked if he could see him one last time," said Brunell. He also indicated the boy had scratches on his arms, presumably from holding the animal. Brunell kept his promise of no questions asked and the family was grateful to have the animal back home.

"You know how they say like orbs? I was just a ball of energy," said Dave's son Matt. His sister Anevay who held the Lizard for much of our visit said "he kind of grosses me out, but I still love him." The other family members described a Lizard who is very much like one of the family. "He climbs right up on my lap and he'll sit there and take a nap," said Dave. He says that Lizzo has a unique personality and place in the family and they are very happy to have him back.