Ghost keeps William Peter Mansion financially afloat

The ghost at William Peter Mansion Bed and Breakfast

A bed and breakfast in Columbiaville not only treats its customers with a comfortable place to stay, but with a friendly ghost that keeps the place safe and financially afloat.

When Bill Schwank decided to stay the night at the William Peter Mansion Bed and Breakfast in Columbiaville, he never thought he'd be sharing his room with an uninvited guest.

"You know the other night as I was sitting here meditating with my eyes shut, inner vision, then that's when I heard the door just a little bit was creaking," said Bill Schwank, a guest staying at the William Peter Mansion Bed and Breakfast.

"A woman came into my inner vision, and she was wearing a cap like one of the Amish or Mennonite women wear, and then right away it switched to a nurses cap," said Schwank.

The next day Schwank found out from the inn's owner, Teresa Cook, that the building was haunted.

She says people who stay in the Gentlemen TMs Quarters feel a presence.

"I had some company in here Saturday night, and they had just had a family member pass, and they said they felt really well here, and they felt comfortable in this room," said Cook.

That friendly energy was captured a year ago in a photo taken by a previous guest. Schwank says it looks like the woman in his vision.

The William Peter Mansion was built in the late 1800's and was later turned into a home for the elderly.

"And I am sure a lot of people have past here," said Cook.

Those spirits gave Cook the inspiration to keep her business afloat in hard economic times.

A few years ago the William Peter Mansion was suffering financially, that's when Cook says she got the idea for a murder mystery series in her sleep.

"A light bulb went off in my head and I thought, I can do this," said Cook.

Every participant in the murder mystery parties wears a hat, just like the spirit that was captured in the photo.

The murder mystery parties have become such a success, the mansion hosts them several times a year.

The next one will take place next month. Also in July, the William Peter Mansion will hold a fundraiser on the 10th so money can be raised to repair the roof.