Police looking for person who left 'Grandma's Ashes' at a Goodwill

Michigan State Police have identified the ashes as belonging to a Fenton resident.

Update: Friday, 8:10 p.m.

The folks at Goodwill are used to receiving all kinds of donations, but a recent drop off left some of its employees a little spooked.

An old cardboard box marked "grandma's urn" was left at the Goodwill store in Fenton, around Easter.

Employees say they knew right away something was different about this particular donation.

"We all sort of looked at it and said, is this what I think it is, and sure enough, it was," said Goodwill Store Manager, Allen Ryckman.

After making the unusual discovery, Goodwill decided to hang on to the urn for a little while, hoping the rightful owner would come back to reclaim it.

After two months, it was turned over to Michigan State Police, who were just as shocked by the donation.

"It was the first time I've had this happen in my twenty years, it was a bit unusual and we just hope to get it back to its rightful owner," said Lt. Stephen Sipes, Michigan State Police.

Police are now trying to track down the person who dropped grandma off at the Goodwill.

Police opened the urn Friday afternoon and have verified that the remains belong to someone from the Fenton area, but they're not releasing the person's name at this time.


A Goodwill Store in Fenton had quite the shock when an urn of ashes was dropped off at their store.

The urn's box, labeled Grandma TMs Ashes, was left on the store TMs property around Easter time. The store decided to keep the odd donation for a while, hoping the owner would return for it. However, no one came back for Grandma TMs Ashes, so the store turned it over to Michigan State Police.

Friday, MSP from the Flint Post opened the urn, and conducted tests. They identified the remains as belonging to a Fenton resident, but are releasing few details as their investigation continues.

Police are still trying to figure out who left the ashes at the Goodwill store. They TMre asking anyone with information on the strange donation to call 810-732-1111.

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*NBC25's Cheri Hardmon contributed to this report.