9-MINUTE VIDEO: Snyder previews State of the State Address

NBC25's Dave Kinchen and Gov. Rick Snyder talk about his upcoming State of the State Address.

Governor Rick Snyder sat down with NBC25 on Thursday for an exclusive interview previewing next Wednesday TMs State of the State Address.

Barely two weeks into his term, the former computer executive said his speech will provide an assessment of where Michigan is, and where he feels the state needs to go.

I want to make the State of the State a report card, Snyder said.

He did not give many specifics in terms of speech content, but said there would be little mention of budgetary details, with a standing deficit of $1.8 billion.

Snyder also rejected the idea of across-the-board budget cuts, but said priorities will be set in the coming days and weeks. He declined to discuss which state departments would receive the deepest cuts, and said raising taxes is clearly not the goal of his administration to bring in additional revenue.

Snyder wants to put a two-year budget in place to force state lawmakers to avoid quick fixes to financial problems, however state law only allows for annual budgets. Snyder said his goal is to create a real budget and then a planning budget for the following year.

Play the video for the entire nine-minute interview.