Amid Scott recall, Grand Blanc hires teachers

This document from Grand Blanc Schools shows a 9 teacher increase in teachers on staff over last school year. / Mike Horne

T he Paul Scott recall election is 8 days away. At issue? Education.

The Michigan Education Association says Scott supported across the board cuts to schools. Still in Scott's backyard, more teachers are working.

NBC25 has obtained a document from the right leaning Mackinac Center for Public Policy that was obtained via a Freedom of Information request from Grand Blanc Schools that shows a net increase of 9 teachers in the Grand Blanc School District over last year, right in the Representative's backyard.

The Michigan Education Association says that's in part because of seven staff departures. Departing and especially retiring teachers can be replaced at about a 2 to 1 ratio. The other reason they say? Grand Blanc is a large district anyway and gets more per pupil funding. Add to that a 50 student increase in enrollment this year. He says teachers are taking the hit so students won't see the cuts.

Representative Scott says this is an example of the Republican's plan actually working, with small cuts in certain areas leading to savings in others. Voters will decide for themselves which approach they prefer on November 8th.