Charges of anti-Semitism in campaign for attorney general

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton comments on ad run by the state's GOP. / Matt Horne

A new ad from the Michigan Republican Party targeting Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton TMs Democratic bid for attorney general is drawing fire from his supporters. The ad, called Denied Justice criticizes Leyton TMs handling of the murder case of Adam McIntosh in 2006.

It features his mother, Debbie McIntosh, speaking out against a plea deal made between Leyton and primary suspect Horaito Brown.

However, there are recent comments made by McIntosh on a Flint Journal news story that makes this issue so combative. McIntosh alleged a recent story featuring her was one-sided, even alleging a conspiracy to protect Leyton since he is Jewish. Below is exactly how the comments appeared, from the handle AdamsMom, later identified as McIntosh.

"how dare the FLINT URINAL not show me the respect to get my side of the story, instead of ONE SIDE,,,oh A JEWISH OWNED PAPER,,,,and lEYTON IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE JEWISH FEDERATION,,,,FLINT JOURNAL you should be ashamed of youself."

The Flint Journal TMs ownership is traced to Advance Publications, founded by Samuel Newhouse who was Jewish. Reports say she has since apologized, but Leyton said it is not good enough.

"It's disappointing and reprehensible that any candidate would put up ads that just incite hatred, he said. I've asked them to stop using her and the only response has been more hatred and more blame. That's not what political campaigns should be about, he added.

McIntosh declined our request for an interview, but NBC25 did receive statements from both the ad TMs sponsor (the Michigan Republican Party) and Bill Schuette TMs campaign. Mr. Leyton should apologize to Mrs. McIntosh for such awful accusations, said Jennifer Hoff, spokesperson Jennifer Hoff.

The Michigan Republican Party does not condone hate or prejudice of any kind, adding that, the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party is Jewish.

Schuette campaign spokesperson Rusty Hills said in a statement, David Leyton and the Democrats are continuing to attack the victim. Deb McIntosh was victimized once when her son was tragically killed. She was victimized a second time when David Leyton broke his promise to bring charges against the two accomplices in the murder of her son.

He went on to say, As a former member of congress, Bill Schuette has always been a strong supporter of the special relationship between the Unites States of America and the State of Israel.

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