'Occupy' movement spreads to Saginaw

'Occupy' protests have now taken place in at least six Michigan cities. / Rob Herman

Dozens of protestors walked from the campus of Saginaw Valley State University to the Bank of America on Bay Road in Kochville Township as part of an 'Occupy Saginaw' demonstration Wednesday.

"A lot of people I know , I don't know about everybody, but they would like to see taxes on the upper class," said Clio resident Jeremy Killion, who took part in the protest.

Most of the protestors we spoke with say they are angry with the current state of the U.S. job market and the overall economy.

"Stop gutting education. Stop gutting the social safety net," added Killion.

Another 'Occupy Saginaw' protest is scheduled for Friday.

'Occupy Wall Street' type protests have also taken place in Flint, Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor.