'Occupy Wall Street' group plans rally in Flint

The "Occupy Wall Street" group is coming to Flint Friday.

A protest movement that is sweeping the nation is coming to Flint.

Organized largely on Facebook, rallies are popping up all over the country in support of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. This weekend, they plan to "occupy" Flint.

Patrick Hardin, the Occupy Flint spokesperson, told NBC25 this week, corporate interests are being served at the expense of the rest of us and a basic unfairness has crept into American life.

While the Occupy groups say their gatherings are peaceful, some incidents have led to arrests. In Manhattan, police arrested 700 people. IN Des Moines, Iowa, 36 people were arrested. Other cities across the country have decided not to interfere.

Organizers tell NBC25 they hope to fill Flint TMs streets with peaceful demonstrators on Friday. They say the talk of problems has been overblown and even mayor walling says he is not expecting problems here in Mid-Michigan. We regularly have large demonstrations and events here in the City of Flint, said Mayor Dayne Walling earlier this week. Our officers are trained and prepared to respond but we don't anticipate problems with this particular event.

However, the Occupy spokesperson says the term occupy indicates protestors will remain in their location until their demands are addressed.

Friday morning on NBC25 Today, reporter Brittany Noble spoke with those preparing for the afternoon's rally. You can hear their story on why they feel it is important to rally here in Mid-Michigan.

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