Reaction to Governor Rick Snyder's State of the State address

"The Governor talked about priorities tonight that I have supported for some time - giving middle class families a fighting chance and Michigan's small businesses what they need to compete. I was especially glad he touched on the importance of supporting our cities, while at the same time understanding that the agricultural industry needs to be a big part of our economic turnaround. He TMs also got the right idea about focusing on innovation and education, I just hope his budget will reflect those priorities."

Ananich is the only Democrat serving on the Appropriations Committee from Genesee County. He is also the lead Democrat on the subcommittees for Agriculture and the Department of Energy, Labor, and Economic Growth. A former teacher, Ananich will also serve on the subcommittee overseeing the School Aid Fund.

The 49th House District includes Flint, Swartz Creek, and the townships of Flint, Gaines and Clayton.

- Representative Jim Ananich (D-Flint)

Gov. Snyder's emphasis on job creation is exactly what Michigan needs-he gets it. Now it is time to deliver. And his use of objective statistics to judge Michigan's progress in the coming years is exactly the kind of accountability that will assure Michigan families their government is working for them."

- Attorney General Bill Schuette

In his first 20 days in office, Gov. Rick Snyder has done a great deal for Michigan agriculture. Gov. Snyder shows a clear recognition that for Michigan TMs economy to grow, agriculture must play a central role. It is clear Gov. Snyder recognizes the importance of spurring agricultural innovation, technology, the development of production and processing, and more to make sure Michigan agriculture can continue to grow well into the future. By shining a spotlight on agriculture and its significant contribution to Michigan TMs economy, Gov. Snyder is demonstrating his commitment to Michigan TMs second-largest industry and the need to diversify Michigan TMs economy.

- Jim Byrum, President of the Michigan Agri-Business Association

I was pleased with Governor Snyder TMs remarks. His primary focus for the next four years is the same as mine: to eliminate obstacles to job growth. We certainly can reinvent Michigan and make this a great state again, but it starts with putting people back to work.

To do that, we need to keep the companies we have, we need to bring in new ones, and we need to encourage economic development. That TMs why I co-sponsored Senate Bill 1, which will repeal the onerous Michigan Business Tax.

This tax is despised by job providers and is harmful to job growth. Eliminating it is an important first step in Michigan TMs economic recovery.

I am eager to learn more about Gov. Snyder TMs proposals, and I am excited about working with him for the next four years to restore health to Michigan.

- Sen. Dave Robertson (R-Grand Blanc)

"I am encouraged by Gov. Snyder's vision for turning Michigan around and bringing transparency and accountability to state government. The Legislature seems to be on the same page -- committed and motivated to bringing prosperity back to Michigan. We must do what it takes to get Michigan back on solid ground -- failure is not an option as we continue to lose jobs and families.

"Although it will be hard to create a simple and consistent business environment where homegrown and new companies can thrive, after turning a critical eye on our regulatory practices and business taxes, there is no denying that we will need to make changes to our regulations and business tax structure.

"As the Governor implied, we must also continue to ask ourselves tough questions such as 'Does this regulation have a value or is it just on the books?' and overall, 'Is there a better way to do this?'

"In particular, I am pleased to hear the administration include agriculture as one of their priorities, and excited about their desire to help agricultural processing industries grow. Once we remove unneeded regulatory barriers, we will see a clear increase in successful farming, agricultural processing and added jobs for our families.

"We cannot afford to continue leaking jobs and people from our state, while passing our problems on to the next guy in charge. I am hopeful for bipartisan solutions that make every dollar count, and create true and lasting reforms to serve as a foundation for a successful Michigan."

- Rep. Kevin Daly (R-Lum)

Tonight, Governor Snyder put the emphasis where it should be: jobs and the economy.

What Michigan needed to hear tonight was an honest assessment of the challenges we face. I think we got that. But most importantly, we needed to see bold leadership from the governor in the face of some very difficult choices. I think he delivered on key points.

We have to work together to use our tax dollars wisely and live within our means. We need to lower the tax burden on workers and businesses in this state, starting by repealing the job-killing Michigan Business Tax. I support that.

I absolutely agree that we need to reshape state government so that it is lean, productive and responsive to the people. It should give taxpayers a good value for their dollar. He talked about eliminating outdated regulations and practices that are an obstacle to job creation, which is right on target.

He placed special emphasis on agriculture, the Great Lakes and our natural resources. They TMre very important to the 31st district, so that is encouraging.

We didn TMt get into this mess overnight, and we won TMt get out of it overnight either. But we will get Michigan back on track with bold leadership, tough choices and innovative thinking.

Michigan can and will make a comeback. The governor TMs address was promising. Let TMs get to work.

- Sen. Mike Green (R-Mayville)

"The governor and I are of like mind and are on the same team. We need bold action to turn Michigan around. The Governor displayed leadership tonight; that is something Michigan's government sorely needs.

"Our business atmosphere cripples growth, and our classrooms have been neglected. By taking the important first step of eliminating the Michigan Business Tax, and spending education dollars more efficiently, we can put Michigan back to work and give people a reason to stay.

"There will be shared pain by everyone in the budget process. But Michigan will be better for it."

- State Rep. Paul Scott, R-Grand Blanc

"Tonight we heard a speech full of many daring moves which, if orchestrated right, could work to improve Michigan's economy and put Michigan families back to work. We are facing an enormous deficit under extreme circumstances. Bold, significant changes will be necessary to meet our current challenges.

"I am excited to work with my colleagues and the governor as we undertake the important business of investigating what works and what doesn't work when it comes to our spending, taxes and regulations.

"Reforming government is not an easy task. As the people responsible for spending our state's revenues, we must ensure that each and every dollar counts. We can no longer keep businesses and families waiting in turmoil as we spend recklessly one year, while leaving only uncertainty ahead of us for the year to come."

"I believe Gov. Snyder and the legislature want to create a new vision for improving and sustaining our state's economy, which includes making long-term changes that create certainty in order to attract businesses and jobs to Michigan. Short-term solutions are the way of the past. We are committed to doing the right thing and building a solid foundation in Michigan for years to come."

- Rep. Kurt Damrow (R-Port Austin)