Rep. Scott opens up about the recall effort against him

Rep. Scott says special interest groups have targeted him for recall.

A Mid-Michigan lawmaker is trying to put a stop to a recall effort against him.

Attorneys for State Representative Paul Scott have filed a court challenge with the State of Court of Appeals this week.

The group Citizens Against Government Overreach or CAGO is trying to put a recall election on the November 8th ballot.

They say his support of education cuts and pension taxes are the reasons for the recall campaign.

The group turned in 12, 200 signatures last month and are now waiting for state elections officials to approve the signatures.

In the meantime, State Representative Paul Scott stopped by the NBC25 studios to discuss his take on the group and it's recall effort.

"We're moving into a new Michigan and that's very tough. A lot of people say they want change but when the change or reinvention affects them, they get upset," said Rep. Scott.

CAGO representative Bobby Walton says many involved in the group believe he lied when he was running for office.

"He called himself the education representative. There is nothing to me or the people who worked on this campaign that see cutting budgets as forwarding education."

With a budget deficit of $2 billion, Scott says he and other lawmakers tried to make cuts in reasonable ways and that included some belt-tightening in K-12 funding.

"I know why I'm in government. I know why my constituents sent me to Lansing and that's to cut spending and to make sure taxpayers are getting a return on thier investment," said Scott.

Scott went on to say that CAGO is a special interest group from out of town that tried to overthrow the will of the voters.

Walton says it doesn't matter if a a person lives in his district. She says his decisions affect everyone.

State officials are expected to make a decision on whether to accept the recall signatures within the month.