Saginaw Abortion Clinic Protest

P ro-life supporters spent the day celebrating the closure of an abortion clinic in Saginaw Township. Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette closed the center, but not all residents agree

T he Women's Choice clinic closed earlier this month after Schuette found that the facility was operating outside the law. Armed with bibles and graphic pictures, these protestors are here to show their agreement.

Pro-Life supporter Cal Zastrow says, " W e're here thanking god that another baby murdering place has been shutdown."

A nother clinic near Lansing was also shutdown. Both were owned by Richard and Margaret Remunds. The state accuses them of improperly disposing of medical records and possibly improperly disposing of fetuses.

D espite the closure many Saginaw residents are pro-choice.

Pro-Choice supporter says, " H er child and her choice and I don't think my religion says you can't take lives."

Randy Smith agrees saying, " T hat's what I think , I think a woman should have the right to decide if she wants to have an abortion or not."

S till, area pro-lifers are counting this as a victory. A rmed with song and scripture they say this is there mission. They will also keep protesting until there are no more abortion clinics in town.