Schauer blasts Governor Snyder

Candidate for governor Mark Schauer

The election is still months away, but the battle to become Michigan's next governor is already heating up.

For the record, the incumbent, Republican Governor Rick Snyder hasn't officially said he's running for re-election. But all indications are that he will run. He's already raising money for the race.

On the democratic side, former Congressman Mark Schauer says "he's in". Since some of the other possible democratic contenders have endorsed him, he appears to be a shoe-in for the nomination.

He's already come out swinging.

In an interview on NBC 25 Today, Schauer says voters thought Snyder was "an apolitical bean counter". But instead they got someone who's much more conservative and much more divisive. He also reacted to polls that indicate he (Schauer) would beat Snyder even though most people don't know who he is.

Schauer also called the Right to Work rally at the state capitol last December, a defining moment in the term of Governor Snyder. Schauer attended the rally.

Schauer will attend a speech in Bay City tonight (Friday) sposnored by the Bay County Democratic Party. He'll be introduced by former Democratic Congressman Jim Barcia. They worked in Congress together. That rally wll be from 5 to 7 at the Pulaski Hll on Grand Street in Bay City.