Virg Bernero campaigns in Mid-Michigan

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero and running mate, Mayor Brenda Lawrence of Southfield meet with residents in Bay City. / Matt Horne

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero made his first campaign stop in Mid-Michigan Tuesday, since naming Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence as his running mate and choice for lieutenant governor.

We TMre on main street everyday dealing with real issues facing our communities and balancing budgets; dealing with tough times and getting the job done, Bernero said to reporters, while speaking with supporters at the Krzysiak House Restaurant in Bay City.

Before coming to Bay City, he held a town hall style meeting in Flint where he met with a wide range of constituents. We heard from mothers, we TMve heard from workers, laid off workers, and entrepreneurs, he said.

Bernero wasted no time separating himself from rival, Ann Arbor businessman and former Gateway computers executive Rick Snyder.

There TMs no argument about what he did to Gateway. It TMs considered one of the biggest debacles in history, Bernero said, sticking to his claim that Snyder was a part of an operation that outsourced jobs to places like China.

Snyder said he was a minority voice in the decision to outsource several positions, during the primary campaign. Despite Bernero TMs efforts, he currently lags behind Snyder in the polls.

A poll by EPIC-MRA recently released to the Detroit Free Press and WXYZ-TV has Snyder leading Bernero 51% to 29%. Bernero said he TMs fine with being the underdog, and will continue to point out major differences between the two campaigns.

It is not known when he will be back in Mid-Michigan. His Fighting for Main Street tour has stops scheduled in northern Michigan later this week. Rick Snyder campaigned with running mate State Rep. Brian Calley in West Michigan, with stops focused on economic policy.