Snyder holds off on decision to close 38 schools, Saginaw School District files lawsuit

Snyder holds off on decision to close 38 schools, Saginaw School District files lawsuit

Thursday Governor Snyder said he would postpone his decision to close dozens of schools across the state until as late as May, saying “We need to take time to get this right.”

Saginaw High School along with Loomis Academy were placed on a list of 38 schools in the state at risk of closing because of low test scores for three or more consecutive years.

Schools were expected to learn their fate by is the end of February or early March, but today the Governor announced an extension.

State Representative Vanessa Guerra who represents the Saginaw area and has been in the fight to keep the area schools open says the announcement gives Saginaw's School District a glimmer of hope, but not everyone sees it that way.

"The vision that the school reform office has given you is not exactly what our schools are like inside and so I think the governor realized that and that he needs more time so he can get a sense of what is actually going on in these schools," said Guerra.

Cynthia Baldwin-Ashford, teacher at Saginaw High School says, "To me the only reasonable decision that could come out of Lansing that I would get excited about is to take away the threat of closure."

Nathaniel B. McDaniel, Superintendent at Saginaw Public School District released this statement Thursday: “The Saginaw Public School District filed a joint legal complaint with Kalamazoo Public Schools against the School Reform Office on Wednesday, February 22, 2017. We are confident that our actions will preserve our right to educate students while maintaining local control of district operations at both Saginaw High School and Jessie Loomis Elementary. We applaud the efforts of our parents who have joined this cause to prevent potential hardships for all families associated with both school communities.”

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