Andrezejewski winning games, changing lives at Heritage

Heritage head baseball coach Bob Andrezejewski notched his 1,000th win in April and the impact he's had on his players can be felt on and off the field.

In 1973, Bob Andrezejewski made his head coaching debut at Bridgeport High School. "I can remember the baseball field because it was all dirt and we had a snow fence for an outfield fence and it was cold," he recalled.

He went on to win 449 games over a 23 year career for the Bearcats, but he wasn't done yet. He's gone on to win another 552 games in 21 years at Heritage High School.

"I just enojoy the game because the kids love to play it and it's just fun being around kids."

The best part about his legendary career has been the positive impact he's had on his players lives. On April 24th he won his 1,000th career game when heritage beat Beal City, after that, something started to happen that he didn't expect.

"The last 3 or 4 weeks i've had so much contact with so many kids, kids from back in 1970 and almost every era that I've had a chance to coach somebody has contacted me and that's special to me."

Things have changed a lot over the last 44 years, but the impact coach Andrezejewski has on these kids remains steadfast and strong. And all of these phone calls he's been getting since notching his 1000th win reminded him of why he love his job so much.

"I don't really remember them for what they did on the baseball field, but what really stands out was the kind of person that they were during that period where we were together and I was the coach, that's the part I will remember forever."

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