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      Barrel racing teen heads to world championship competition

      Otisville barrel racer Kali Carpenter and her horse, Jack.

      Otisville native Kali Carpenter said ever since she was a little girl, she had a love for horses and a need for speed.

      "it's really adrenaline-filled," she said.

      Carpenter, 16, is talking about barrel racing. A competitive sport that takes her and her horse, Jack, on a competitive thrill ride.

      "it's nerve-wrecking because everybody is watching you," she said. "But when you come out and you have a good time on the clock it's the best thing. I look for my dad right away."

      Ever since she started, her dad, Chris, has been her biggest supporter."It's an expensive hobby but she loves it," he said. "It keeps her busy and keeps her out of trouble."

      "I think it's something you're born with," she said. "It's my thing. It's what I love to do."

      The Lakeville senior not only loves it, she's pretty good at it, earning her and Jack an invitation to the 2012 National Barrel Horse Association Youth World Championships in Perry, Georgia.

      "That's pretty much where everyone wants to go," she said of barrel racers. "It's really loud. It's an honor to be there."

      With her passion, skill and her dad footing the bill, don't be surprised if Kali and Jack come back with another award.

      For more information on sponsoring Kali and Jack, email Kcarpe104@gmail.com.