Buick Open cleans up for, possibly, the final time

Buick Open 2009 is being called a record year that attracted more than 150,000 golf fans out to Warwick Hills Golf and Country Club in Grand Blanc.

But after a week it takes a lot of cleaning up to do.

Tournament director Robb Grainger says, "it goes down a lot faster than it goes up. It takes about two weeks to get every last remaining piece of the tournament out of there."

On Monday, the day after the tournament, crews were out straightening up the greens and volunteers were out picking up trash. Boy Scout Troop #335 from Grand Blanc were found underneath the bleacher seats picking up pop bottles. Hunter Heimburg says his troop spent 70 hours picking up all week.

But the Boy Scouts aren't the only volunteers who count on Buick clean-up for funds. The Mount Holly Ski Patrol raises $9,000 a year picking up after the tournament.

"It goes to paying for our snow mobiles we need to use to take injured patients down from the hill," Ski Patrol member Kevin Williams said.

General Manager of Warwick Hills, Rich Fariman said the pro-shop was already cleaned out by the fans.

"We sold every piece of merchandise we had that said Buick on it in any way, shape or form."

And that could be due to the unfortunate news being spread that Warwick Hills in Grand Blanc may have seen its last Buick Open tournament after 51 years.