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      Carr impressed with how Wolverines have embraced Hoke, program

      Former Michigan football coach Lloyd Carr arrives at the Flint Institute of Arts

      Former Michigan football coach Lloyd Carr was the keynote speaker at the United Way of Genesee County's 90th anniversary at the Flint Institute of Arts.

      During his visit, Carr expressed appreciation to those who have supported the United Way, Michigan football as well as the Mott Foundation, for which Carr was an intern back in 1969.

      Carr also took time to talk about the Michigan Wolverine football team. He said expectations are high, as they should always be, for Coach Brady Hoke's second season at Michigan.

      Carr also said he was impressed with the way players have bought into Hoke's program.

      "They embraced the things that Brady and his staff have coached them to do," Carr said. "They made us all proud. When you beat Nebraska, Ohio State and Virginia Tech three games in a row, you've really done something."