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      Delta College Guard Jody Hill is the 2nd leading scorer in the nation

      There are a lot of new faces on the Delta College Men's basketball team, in fact everyone is new save one: Guard Jody Hill

      "We're struggling a little bit, but we're going to get it together as a team,"

      Head Coach Lonnie Griffin said the sophomore leader cares more about wins than person statistics, but one has come a lot easier than the other this season.

      "He's shooting about 34 percent from the 3 point line, and shooting about 80 percent from the free throw line," Griffin said. "He's scoring everywhere you want it."

      While his team is just 6-11 so far, Hill is averaging 28.4 points per game. He's hit 50 three-pointers and his total 426 points is good for second in the nation.

      "Last year he was more of a spot up jump shooter, this year he's turned into an all around scorer," Griffin said.

      Hill said he can't take all the credit, he's got teammates that get him the ball and a coach that pushes him in practice.

      "Come in to practice, play hard, then play hard in games," Hill said.

      Griffin calls the 19-year-old a better person than player, which is why he hopes Hill meets all of his goals at the conclusion of this season.

      "Finish in the top 20 for scorers in the country, be a NJCAA all-American, then go on to a four year institution," Hill said.

      At least those are the things he's shooting for.