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      Eli better than Peyton? Maybe in basketball

      Eli Manning answering reporters questions on Media day in Indy.

      It's something that's followed Eli Manning his entire life, the comparisons to his older brother Peyton.

      But it's little brother who's vying for another Super Bowl ring, it just happens to be in the house that the older brother built.

      Eli inevitable got several questions about Peyton at Tuesday's media day, all of which he either answered with the exact amount of political correctness, or simply deflected to something else.

      As far as stats go, Peyton has four MVP awards, and a win-loss record of 147-67 in games he starts. Eli's record is 69-50.

      Peyton has nearly double the career passing yards and more than twice as many touchdown passes: 399 to 185.

      But, Eli has five port-season wins on the road and chance to double his brother's Super Bowl ring count.

      So who's better?

      Eli wouldn't touch the football question, but said without a doubt, he rules on the basketball court.

      "Peyton was a grinder on the basketball court," Eli told reporters Tuesday. "He would foul out a lot. I'm definitely a better basketball player than Peyton."