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      Erik's Fantasy World: Three simple rules

      It??s that time of the year again ?| Fantasy draft season is upon us.

      Now some of you have already drafted in your leagues. You are ??addicted,?? but that??s okay football does that to fans.

      If you haven??t drafted yet, or are itching to get into another league, here??s three rules (actually they??re more like guidelines really) about what to do/avoid when picking a championship (said with my index finger in the air, and a high-pitch voice, like that old ESPN commercial) team.


      Everybody loves a good quarterback. Well, great news, the NFL is loaded with dozens this season. Now more than ever, because of rules and how teams gameplan, QB??s are putting up gaudy numbers. Plus, with most leagues being 10-to-12 teams deep, QB??s will be there for the taking in rounds five-to-nine.

      Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers are the only two elite-fantasy-options, in my opinion, worth a top three-round selection. So, don??t be afraid to sit and grab a Matt Stafford in the sixth round, or a Ben Rothelisberger in the eighth. The drop-off is not as big as you think.


      When it comes to catching touchdowns having a guy like Calvin Johnson or AJ Green makes you feel a whole lot better about your team. But if you don??t get these types of playmakers do not fret.

      Like quarterbacks, (beneficial rules, and passing-centric gameplans) wide receivers are making more of a fantasy impact than ever before. You don??t have to compromise your draft strategy to have solid production out of the WR spot.

      At one point or another this season, there will be a player making waves on the wavier wire. Who were Randall Cobb, T.Y. Hilton and Cecil Shorts before they were solid fantasy options? In-demand waiver-wire pickups.


      You can always tell who's new to fantasy football based on their backups. And if you can??t figure it out, look at your own roster. If you have 2-3 tight ends, two kickers, and two defenses, you??re that guy who other owners think they can take advantage of.

      Multiple TE??s kickers and defenses are not necessary. They??re always available on the wires, and will be easy to find.

      Use the picks on players that could actually make an impact on your roster. RB??s and WR??s have more value. They??re always needed, and can be used or traded when their value is highest.

      Have a flyer that you want to take a chance on? Draft him instead of the Saints backup TE.

      Grab Arian Foster??s or Adrian Peterson??s backup before you get Tim Tebow. He??s never going to be a player of value. Sorry.

      Now if your league charges for waiver-wire pickups, unless it??s over five-dollars, don??t go for depth at positions that aren??t necessary. In other words, stop being cheap.

      Final Words

      With all of this said, if you can??t live without a certain player ?? Peyton Manning, Megatron or Jimmy Graham ?? go out and get him. These guys will obviously produce, unless they can??t stay healthy. Just don??t mortgage your team??s potential to get them.

      Every Wednesday this column will appear on minbcnews.com. If you have questions, or comments, you can always email Erik: ecolumbia@nbc25.net or hit him up on twitter: @erik_columbia.

      Next week it??s Lions fantasy talk.