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      Flint Olympian continues family tradtition of archery

      Julia Hagler continues her family tradition of archery.

      In her great-grandfather's backyard, Julia Hagler continues her family tradition of archery.

      "I get to practice and go to my papa's house and practice too," Hagler said.

      At eleven, she enjoys many sports, her favorite being soccer. However, Hagler said archery is special because she can share it with her family.

      "We all shoot sometimes and they get to see how I'm improving," Hagler said.

      From her little brother, to her dad, all the way up to her great-grandfather, Hagler is a part of four generations of archery and bowhunting.

      "Once I started, the wife and kids just followed along," Russ Hagler, Julia's great-grandfather said. "I set them all up with first-rate target equipment and they were all successful."

      Over the years, family time has become winning time as Julia won first-place in her age group of the target and 3-D round of this year's Flint Olympics.

      If her success continues, Hagler would not be shy about competing in the Summer Olympics in the future.

      "I think it would be fun if I could get there," she said.

      When asked how she'd have to do it, Hagler's answer was simple.

      "More practice."