Flint's sweetest scientists in one place

"We have a gold, a silver and a bronze now," says Andre Dirrell, 2004 Olympic Boxing Bronze medal winner.

Here's three olympic boxing champions, Claressa Shields, Chris Byrd and Andre Dirrell, and all three hail from Flint, Michigan.

Two of three, Byrd and Dirrell, have come back home to see the city's first gold medalist in action for the first time - a notion that has Shields estatic.

"It's really exciting," says Shields. "I'm keeping all of this excitement buddle up inside, so I can have all that energy for when I box."

Shields came to the ring in Flint Thursday night for the first time in her caree - winning easily over her opponent, Ali Greey, who was undefeated heading into the fight.

T-Rex, Shields' nickname, further extended her legacy into the strasophere of the fighters that came previous, which according to Byrd and Dirrell, is exactly what the city is looking for.

"We need something uplifting the youth," says Dirrell. "We've got that in Claressa. She's a female, so now we have females involved."

"You see a lot of these young kids down here in Berston that have dreams of being something special in the sport. It'll keep them out of trouble. that's one thing boxing did for me," Byrd said.

And because the sport and the city changed their lives, they in turn want to pay it back.

"I always represent my city. I always talk about my city. I literally live for my city," says Dirrell. "I want to bring Flint, Michigan a championship."

That championship is one that would fit nicley with three medals the city already has.