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      Former canoeist talks Olympics, pizza

      Brett Stockton talks about his former Olympic aspirations.
      From the moment you walk into Best Choice Pizza, you??ll notice it??s unlike most pizza joins you??ve seen.

      Of course, there are familiar faces and, well, pizza.

      But it??s hard not to notice the paddles. They belong to former competitive canoer and Best Choice Pizza owner Brett Stockton.

      ??I??m from Northern Michigan and my wife is from Quebec, Canada and we wanted to make it look like something in Northern Michigan," Brett Stockton said.

      Before Stockton dished out the pizza, he was actually a pretty good canoer. So good, he rowed with the U.S. team in the 1980s.

      ??I was blessed to win some of the biggest canoe races in the world," he said.

      Stockton wasn??t quite able to make the Olmypic team but he has no regrets. After all, he??s been able to use what he??s learned on the water in the kitchen.

      As an owner, you gotta consistently think about your business, about making it better and spending a lot of time. That??s what it takes to be a good athlete.

      Brett said he's tried to pass his love for both to his son, but instead Brett Stockton Junior has become an all-conference basketball player at Owen-Gage High School in Huron County.