Golfers 'work it out' in fitness trucks

The practice rounds continued at Indianwood Country Club Tuesday for the 2012 Senior Open Championship.

Earlier in the day, NBC got a tour of the fitness trucks that follow the golfers around the country.

Long before professional golfers tee off; previous to their practice putts; and just before hitting the range; they spend some time out in trucks in the parking lot.

"Unlike people who play Friday, Saturday and Sunday only, these golfers don't show up at five minutes until eight for their 8 o'clock tee time," Kent Biggerstaff said. "They come in at 6-6:30 a.m for their 8 o'clock tee time."

That's because the golfers hit up the fitness trucks before they hit the range. Fitness trucks make the rounds across the country just like the professionals do. Biggerstaff, who used to be the head athletic trainer for the Pittsburgh Pirates, is now the conditioning coordinator for the PGA and Champions Tour and travels around with the trucks. He's in Lake Orion with two separate trailers for the 2012 Senior Open.

"We're really fortunate the tour has two trailers," he said. "One is a fitness facility. Players can come in and work out. The second is a physical therapy trailer to heal all of their aches and pains, and on the Champions Tour, they're quite numerous."

"I'll spend an hour on the range before my tee time, then I'm in here at least a half an hour before that to stretch out and stuff," Fred Funk said.

2009 Senior Open Champion Fred Funk calls it his routine, using these trailers and personnel just before he heads out to the course.

"I tweaked my back last Sunday," he said. "I'm just in here getting it loosened up."

Funk said on the PGA tour, these trucks are packed at all times. On the Champions Tour it is less so, although he doesn't understand that.

"It's great, you don't have to go to the gym, you do what you need to do between the two trucks," Funk said.

Biggerstaff said any golfer, on any level, should workout or at least stretch before they play.

"If you spend five or six minutes doing four or five stretches before you play, you could set yourself up to maintain injury-free status," he said.


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