Kogo makes it a 4-peat in the Crim 10-mile race

Kogo wins the 10-mile Crim race for the fourth straight year Saturday.

Thousands of runners took to the streets of downtown Flint to celebrate fitness, and a healthy lifestyle in the Crim Festival of Races Saturday, but they're competitors as well, and they do crown champions.

For the past three years, it's been Julius Kogo winning the ten-mile race.

Saturday morning he made it a fourth, with a new personal record time of 45 minutes and 54 seconds. The Crim record is 45:40.

Move over Bulls, Lakers and Yankees, we have our own dynasty in Kogo, taking home a four-peat ten-mile race championship.

"This course, I like it because, in some of the harder miles you have some hills, and others are flat, so they're challenging us,â?? said Kogo. â??I want to thank the officials for this here today. They have done very well."