LaMarr Woodley, and friends, host annual football camp

Lions safety Louis Delmas and LaMarr Woodley said they would meet each other this season - at the Super Bowl. / Matt Waymire

From college stardom at Michigan to professional glory at Pittsburgh, LaMarr Woodley's football career is quickly becoming the stuff of legend. And so is his commitment to his hometown.

The third annual "LaMarr Woodley Football Camp" took place Saturday at the linebacker's old stomping grounds at Saginaw High School.

Area youngsters were taught the finer points of the game by Woodley and many of his NFL comrades - including Louis Delmas, Mike Hart, Marshawn Lynch and Shawn Crable.

All these superstars understand that they are heroes and role models to these kids...but is it sometimes a tad overwhelming to be seen as "larger than life"?

"Yeah, it definitely is," said a laughing LaMarr Woodley. "I just see myself as just me, you know? Watching these kids grow up from the first camp, I still remember some of them from the first camp, and they're looking forward to the (camp). It's a great time, but...I just see myself as just me. It's crazy, still."

"You never know how much of an impact you've got on these kids until you actually get around them and start hearing them talk," added Lions safety Louis Delmas. "All day, they're not worried about drills, they're worried about, you know, who you are, what position you play, how many Pro Bowls you've made. It's a bit overwhelming, you know, but you gotta keep your composure."

"You see the kids, they're smiling, they're happy, they want to be here," said Patriots linebacker Shawn Crable. "You know, you're coaching them up. They're getting better not know that they're getting better, I think it's a good thing. And I think when you find good ways to do stuff, when you find fun activities that they like to do, they stay interested. I think the hard part is to keep them interested."