Leshoure suspended, no decision for Fairley who's been outstanding in practice

Nick Fairley practices with his teammates Wednesday in day two of minicamp in Allen Park.

The NFL announced Wednesday, the Lions will be without Mikel Leshoure for two games next season following the running back's two marijuana arrests this off season.

Leshoure was at Day two of Lions Minicamp Wednesday in Allen Park and will be allowed to complete camp Thursday. He will also participate in regular training camp and all preseason games.

But, he won't be able to make his NFL debut until week three of the regular season for violating the league's substance abuse policy. He was also fine two game checks, which will cost him $109,412.

There is still no decision on what punishment Nick Fairley might face. He was also arrested for marijuana and cited for driving under the influence this off season.

Those incidents aside, according to Fairley's coaches and teammates, the second-year defensive tackle has been "outstanding" in practice.

"He's been hustling, he's been working hard, he's shown his talent," Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz said. "Last year, his biggest set back was the injury, this year his set back was the off season stuff. His haven has been the weight room and the field and the meeting rooms; he's done a good job there."

"You forget how good he really is," Kyle Vanden Bosh said. "The things he can do for a big man. He was limited with injury early on and he fought it that whole year. So to see him healthy now with the way he can move, his quickness, it's impressive."

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