Little League bans parent after altercation with coach

Little League officials called Saginaw Township Police on Saturday after the altercation turned physical. / Dillon Collier

Update: June 16th, 10:40 a.m.

This story has lit up the NBC25 Facebook page with comments. We asked if you think parents are too serious when it comes to watching their children play sports.

Denise Cole says, "Unfortunately yes there are a small handful that grab the attention. The majority of the parents are there to support their kids and see where they might be able to work with their children. As parents read this, I hope all parents look at their selves and reflect " Is that me?" - maybe it will wake somebody up!"

Lisa Mullin-Marsh states, "Not all parents behave this way but those that do ruin it for everyone. It's a game, should be played as such."

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An All-Star selection ceremony for seven and eight-year-old Little League baseball players at Zauel Park in Saginaw Township turned ugly over the weekend, when a father of one of the players disapproved of his son being left off the team.

"He had went over to the dugout area to confront everybody, the coaches and staff that were there. I intervened when I noticed that it had started to get physical," says Saginaw Township South Little League President Brandon Rose.

Rose has been involved with the league for five years, and was elected league president last fall. He has never seen anything like Saturday's altercation.

"It was amazing to us that it actually happened. The action we took was swift and we wanted it cleared out right away," adds Rose, who along with the league's board of directors, banned the father from attending games at Zauel Park for the rest of the season.

The father can request a lift of the ban starting next season, pending a vote by the board of directors.

Rose also called Saginaw Township Police, who issued the parent a trespass warning.

"If he were to come back on the property, he would be guilty of criminal trespass," says Saginaw Township Police Lieutenant Gary Grauf.

Grauf refused to release the man's name, since no criminal charges were filed.

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