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      Local boxer Claressa Shields makes final push for 2012 Olympics

      Claressa Shields needs to place in the top 8 of the World Boxing Trials in China to earn a spot on the U.S. Olympic team.

      Down the stairs at Flint's Bersten Field House, there is a boxing gym with a lot of history and a girl trying to make some of her own.

      "I'm going to be wearing gold," Claressa Shields said. "I wear gold all the time, but the Olympics will be something special."

      Shields, the 17-year-old from Flint Northwestern wants to win the first-ever women's boxing gold medal at this year's Olympics. Her trainer Jason thinks they have a good shot.

      We're not cocky, we're confident," Crutchfield said. "We can do it with our technique and style. She's on a whole different playing field then the rest of the ladies."

      That's not just a proud coach talking, it's just a fact. At 25-0, Sheilds has beaten everyone she has taken on, including at the Olympic Trials in Spokane and two top-ranked women at the most recent Continental America Games in Canada.

      "They were not hard fights, I was expecting more," Shields said.

      Next up on the agenda, the World Boxing Trials in China, where if Claressa places in the top 8, she will make the U.S. Olympic Team.

      "I teach her one step at a time, we won't look past China," Crutchfield said . "Look good, but won't look past it. But she has a very good chance of making the Olympics."

      But just getting there won't be enough for this high school junior, she wants to win it all."I will think, I will drag her to my gym. When we get here, aint nobody beating me in my gym," Shields said.