Loons looking for wins

Dow Diamond is readied for opening day Thursday.

The Great Lakes Loons take the field tomorrow beginning their 7th season in Mid-Michigan.

Along with some familiar faces on the field, manager Razor Shines returns to the dugout for his 2nd season.

He's joined by a group of Los Angeles Dodgers prospects that are turning heads.

Perhaps none more impact than the arrival of Corey Seager, the number three ranked prospect for the Dodgers.

With Seager manning the hole in Midland this season the team feels pretty good about their chances.

"This guy is pretty good. And if we got two prospects in the organization better than this guy, then the organization has a bright future," said Shines.

"There's the media and everything, but if you don't put pressure on yourself, then nobody is going to put pressure on you," says Seager.

"I'm going to try and come out and play, and just have fun."