Michigan and Michigan State to battle in East Lansing Saturday

The UM vs MSU football game has been a major rivalry for over 100 years. / File photo 2007

It's one of the biggest rivalry in all of sports. The University of Michigan and Michigan State University football teams will battle it out once again in East Lansing Saturday.

The match up has divided the state for over 100 years. Campus Den reports the first meeting between the two Michigan teams happened in 1898. In that game, Michigan beat the "Michigan Agricultural College" (MSU) 39-0.

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This year, Spartan head coach Mark Dantionio will take on Wolverine first year head coach Brady Hoke in a much anticipated event.

The game is scheduled to begin at noon Saturday, and will air on ESPN.

Friday, the NBC25 Today Show team had some fun with the rivalry. Check out the video for tailgating food, fun from fans, and to see which morning show person can make the extra points ; ).