NFL Lockout Owners Meeting Thursday

Football fans could soon learn if their favorite players will return to the field this season. NFL owners and executives will gather in Atlanta on Thursday for a special meeting on the NFL lockout.

Representatives from the NFL Players Association and individual representatives from all 32 teams sat down Wednesday for meetings in the nation's capital, a day that many hoped would be the beginning of the end of the four-month old NFL lockout.

NFL players didn't vote on a full proposal to settle the league's labor dispute, citing several outstanding issues. If final legal hurdles are worked out and if a new deal is on paper, the players could vote on it Thursday morning.

NFL owners are meeting in Atlanta and they too could vote on the new collective bargaining agreement. If 24 of the 32 owners vote yes, locks would come off NFL facilities and some training camps could open as early as this weekend.

Pro Bowl offensive lineman Tyson Clabo, who played for the Atlanta Falcons last season, says the negotiators "still have a lot of work to do." In Atlanta, where the owners' labor committee met, general counsel Jeff Pash said owners were hoping to have a final agreement ready to go Thursday. Pash calls the contract proposal "a complicated agreement."

T he new collective bargaining agreement is reported to be a 10-year-deal.

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