Phillpotts powering the Chargers with passion and intensity


If you're a fan of high school sports in Mid-Michigan, you know the name Rachel Phillpotts. She's become a houslhold name thanks to her performance on the basketball court and the soccer field, that's where she's really made her mark.

"No matter if we're on the field practicing or in a game, her intensity and energy just rises up so high that it just makes everybody have to play a little bit better as well," said head coach Art Moody.

Soccer is the heartbeat of her life, and it's been that way for as long as she can remember.

"I've played sports since I was little." she said. "It was always sports. And so constantly being busy or constantly being at my sister's events, that's just what my life was. So I think the laser focus comes from always being there and something I always turned to or something that I did all the time that's just how I grew up."

Next year, for the first time in four seasons, the Powers Catholic girls soccer team will be without Rachel Phillpotts, but that's ok. She's already left her mark on the program, and by following her example, the next generation has a road map to success.

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