River Roar ends with a bang

The Bay City River Roar lived up to the name on Championship Sunday.

In the main event, Tim Seebold dominated the Formula 1 division all weekend. He capped that off with a championship on Sunday.

"It feels good to win any race especially Bay City, because its the most treacherous water on the circuit. You ask any other driver what race would they win if they could only win one in their careers it would be Bay City," Seebold said.

Rob Rinker dominated Formula 2 as well coasting to victory against the rest of the competition.

"We didn't really have hiccups anywhere," says Rinker. "The little stuff we did have problems with we were able to tighten down the hatches, and we got it going the way it should be."

And finally in the Lights, Butch Ott showed his boat was the fastest over the weekend by getting out front and never looking back despite the treacherous waves.

"It's absolutely awesome. As always, this river is hazardous to say the least, and extremely fun at the same time to drive."