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      Rule changes affecting college football gameplans

      The start of the college football season is less than three weeks away and coaches across the country are prepping their teams for some interesting rule changes in 2012.

      Kickoffs will be the most affected, being pushed back from the 30 to the 35-yard-line. Touchbacks will also be moved up five yards to the 25-yard-line.

      Also for onside kicks, the receiving team will be given the chance for fair-catch protection.

      These rules will vastly affect strategies when it comes to the kicking game.

      "Those are things we talk to our players about as we move forward," said Michigan State Head Coach Mark Dantonio at Spartans media day. "Certainly there will be an adjustment on kickoff with strategy for many and also with some of the other things in terms of onside kicks.

      Perhaps the most eye-opening rule will come with the change to unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, specifically pertaining to touchdown scoring plays. If a scoring play is called back due to excessive celebration, the point will be taken off the board and the down replayed, instead of the usual 15-yard penalty.

      "Good sportsmanship is all a part of it so we need to continue to try to implement things to change that," said Dantonio.

      Michigan State will open the 2012 season in primetime on Friday, August 31 at Spartan Stadium against Boise State.