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      Sting continue to dominate arena football

      Sting head coach Fred Townsend addresses his team

      At the Dow Event Center, the Saginaw Sting held their weekly walk-through. After their sixth win last week, the Sting are undefeated and already in the playoffs for the Continental Indoor Football League postseason.

      The Sting said they've been able to dominate their opponents because of steady ownership. They also cited an explosive offense and a defense that gets their offense the ball.

      Head coach Fred Townsend agrees but thinks their success goes beyond just Xs and Os.

      "Our players really understand our system. They are a correlation to what the Sting represent," Townsend said. "They're community-based, they care about others and they do the things we ask them to do. That's a huge piece to us in our program."

      The Sting play Indianapolis on Saturday at 7:30.