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      Sting host 'Travis Mills Night' to stress giving back

      Staff Sgt. Travis Mills will be honored tomorrow night in Saginaw

      The Saginaw Sting will take the field tomorrow against Indianapolis hoping to remain undefeated on the 2012 season.

      They'll also take the field for a greater purpose--honoring wounded Army war veteran Travis Mills of Vassar.

      "We wanna make sure he gets a vehicle and he gets the support he needs for standing up for our rights as U.S. citiizens," said Fred Townsend, Sting Interim Head Coach.

      Staff Sgt.Mills lost all four of his limbs while serving in Afghanistan. Coach Townsend and the Sting say they want to do their part.

      "We want to be able to be a pillar to bring this community together," Townsend said.

      The entire team has embraced that mindset.

      "There's no other hero than the person who puts their life on the line to protect our freedoms for our way of life," said John Jacobs, Sting linebacker.

      "We wanna make it all about him and the military and give back to them for protecting us and giving us the freedoms we have," said Tommy Jones, Sting quarterback.

      Tomorrow night's game will be all about Travis Mills but Coach Townsend reminded his players that the blessing will be given back to them.

      "My mom always told me it's better to give than to receive so when you learn to give and care about others there'll be more blessings put upon you."

      Kickoff for tomorrow's game is at 7:30 from the Dow Event Center in Saginaw. More information can be found on the Saginaw Sting website.