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      Thousands of tourists, volunteers converge on Indianapolis for Super Bowl 46

      Rain didn't dampen the buzz in downtown Indianapolis Saturday.

      Temperatures in the 50's and 60's earlier in the week have given way to cold and rainy conditions for the weekend. But that hasn't stopped hundreds of thousands of people from making their way to Indianapolis to basically gridlock the city in preparation for Super Bowl 46 Sunday.

      "This is abnormal having this many people downtown,?? Said John Hayden, who??s in town as a volunteer. ??Someone was complaining last night that there were too many people. At first I was like 'In Indianapolis, too many people???"

      John is a college student living downtown, studying for a career in tourism - talk about an unpaid dream job

      "Unlike other cities where the stadium is one place and the action is going on another, the city and the stadium are in the same place,?? John said.

      For many people who aren't even going to the game, seeing downtown Indianapolis like this is a spectacle in and of itself.

      "We looked at the zipline and had a hot dog and it was really cool,?? said Victoria Koehl. Months ago the National Football League put out the call to have fans make hats and scarves for John and the other volunteers. The league asked for 9,000, and got 13,000.

      The Super Bowl kicks off shortly after 6:30 p.m. on NBC25.