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      UM/MSU rivalry alive at Super Bowl XLVI

      Former Michigan quarterback Tom Brady talked about his college experience at the Super Bowl Media day.

      The Big Ten is well represented at this year's Super Bowl including 22 former student athletes and 8 coaches, and what I found out is a lot of them spent their time in East Lansing and Ann Arbor.

      "It's great to reminisce at times, places we liked to eat and what classes we took, just our whole experience at Michigan," said Zoltan Mesko, former Michigan punter and current New England Patriot.

      Giants Rookie Greg Jones loves Spartan Stadium, but he can say with complete certainty, the media accommodations at Lucas Oil Stadium are definitely an upgrade.

      "Yea, it's a little bit better than the trailer," said Jones, a former MSU linebacker. "It used to get so hot in that trailer after the games."

      A few more years removed from his college days, Tom Brady said Michigan made him the player he is today.

      "Those experiences you have of competition serve you well, I was very fortunate in college to go through stiff competition and to withstand it," Brady said.

      These professional football players have traded in their maize and blue and green and white for reds and blues, but that same old rivalry remains.

      "Me and [teammate Mario Manningham] talk about it when the game comes on," former MSU Wide Receiver, and current Giants player Devin Thomas said. "There are side bets here and there, who's going to wear what colors, etc."

      " That's when we get going," Manningham, a former Michigan wide receiver, said. "We're just having fun, little bets, it's fun."

      For Manningham, Green is just not his color.

      "You mean like that green you're wearing? No. Never," he joked.

      But it is the Spartans who have the bragging rights as of late.

      "Obviously, we've had the upper hand in that battle for the past few years," said Brian Hoyer, a former MSU Quarterback, and Tom Brady's current backup.

      The moral of the story?

      Old rivalries die hard.