Watch: Michigan-bound Deron Irving-Bey in-studio interview

Deron Irving Bey (right) with Tom Eschen (left)

We met Flint Southwestern senior Deron Irving Bey back in April, and it was just the beginning of a long and stressful recruiting process.

He joined some of his fellow peers in the NBC25/Fox66 studios in July, talking about their recruiting trips to gain even more exposure.

In September, with dozens of big-time college offers at this door, he was named a US Army All-American, showing his emotion for all to see at Southwestern's assembly.

While he initially planned on announcing his college decision at that game in January, he made up his mind early, committing to the University of Michigan on December 19th.

Then, to make it even more official, instead of going to Jim Harbaugh's Signing of the Stars event, Irving-Bey chose to sign with his Southwestern teammates on National Signing Day.

See some of those highlights and hear what he has to say about Signing Day, the next level and Jim Harbaugh in the video!

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