Beecher Bucs celebrate second straight state title

When you win a championship you get to do a lot of cool things, but perhaps the coolest is the championship parade.

And the Beecher Bucs are on their 2nd time around.

The players, coaches and communtiy marched down Coldwater street this afternoon to celebrate the back-to-back state championships.

Last week Beecher Head Coach Mike Williams said that the team wasn't doing this just for themselves, but for the entire community, and that the way Buc's star Monte Morris says he wants to end his Beecher Career.

"It's a great day to have a parade for one. Last year was kind of chilly. Now the sun is out and a lot of people are going to be out in the community. I feel like this the last chapter with Beecher before I go to Iowa, so I'm glad I'm doing it in nice fashion. "