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      Beecher Bucs coaches get ready for season by visiting Lions Training Camp

      The Beecher Bucs football coaches paid a visit to Lions training camp Friday.

      The Detroit Lions training camp is getting a lot of visitors.

      First, it was NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Mark Madden, then it was Michigan Coach Brady Hoke.

      Friday, the Beecher Buccaneers coaching staff also paid a visit to the Allen Park training facility.

      Head Coach Courtney Hawkins pulled some strings with some guys he used to play with to get the invite on the field.

      The Bucs said they learned some new drills and some new defensive sets that day that they can take back to school with them.

      Football officially starts on Monday with the first practice.

      The Bucs have high hopes for this season, despite losing their starting QB Antuan Burks.

      "We're going to take it one day at a time," Defensive Coordinator Marcus Wilson said. "We have a group of kids coming in and we will be going to do what we can to get them ready to play. We plan on having a long season this year."