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      Davison Powder puff game: Juniors say they've got what it takes

      The Davison juniors prepare for the annual powder puff game against the seniors.

      It's a big deal in Davison: the annual powder puff game between the juniors and the seniors.

      This year, the juniors invited NBC 25 to join them at their final practice before Wednesday's big game.

      The girls say they've been practicing for about a month, their final practice lasted three hours.

      Last year, the junior class was shut out, so this 2012 junior class of approximately 65 girls, said they're working hard to make sure history doesn't repeat itself.

      They're quick and fast, and expecting a win Wednesday night.

      "We're a very determined class," Leela Leach said. "We want to know what we're doing out there."

      "I know we take it a lot more seriously than a lot of the other schools," Elyse Breeden said. "We go full-out, we get the mesh jerseys, not just the t-shirts, it's a big deal in Davison."

      *Update* Juniors won 26-20