Dorr runs great times, and has even better grades

Allison Dorr, Birch Run, talks with NBC 25 about being an Academic All-Star.

Whether she's pounding out the last quarter mile of a run, cheering on the Birch Run Panthers football team, or hitting the books, Allison Dorr is a NBC 25 Academic All-Star.

"It's just kind of peaceful. It clears your mind. To go on an open road, and go for a fun by yourself, I just love that feeling."

For Allison, a star cross country runner for the Panthers, running is enjoyable, but that doesn't mean it's always easy.

"It's really hard mentally. You definitely have to tell yourself that you're not tired, and that you can continue, and keep going."

That kind of attitude has helped her in other avenues of sport as well. Even the ones where sees not the focus.

Allison cheers on the sidelines for the Birch Run football team during the fall, which fulfills her in a different way than running.

"That feeling on a Friday night, under the lights, watching the game and looking into the stands, and seeing all the fans going crazy - it's more of a team effort in cheerleading. Where in running, you're a team, but you're also an individual."

And individually in the classroom, Allison is no slouch.

Dorr sports a 4.22 grade point average, and is taking advanced placement to prepare for college.

"I think I put a lot of hard work into it. Like at home, studying, doing your homework and paying attention in class, it all helps."

Allison hopes to run in college, but even if for some reason that doesn't happen, she won't stop running, because no one really has to retire from running, it's a life-long passion.

"I run all the time. Even on weekends, I always run."